Our Genesis
Boston Mountain Baby was founded and is owned by me (Angie Coleman), mother of a three year old boy and one year old baby girl.  The idea began when my son was 6 months old. I wanted him to have fresh food free of pesticides and additives and not something that had spent months or years on a shelf.   My only option was to hand pick the produce from the market and make the baby food myself.  I absolutely fell in love with the process and continued to try new techniques and recipes with my daughter.   Now I have two happy, incredibly healthy, and veggie devouring children.

Why Buy Local?
Locally grown produce is good for the local farmers, good for the local economy and good for the environment because the food is not transported all over the country to get here.  Most of all, the local food is extremely fresh as I will be preparing, freezing, and packaging it within a couple of days of it being picked.  More nutrients are retained and no preservatives or other ingredients (besides filtered water) are added.

During the months of late May through October, the majority of the produce used in the food is hand picked by me and grown pesticide-free by local farmers.  The food is prepped, gently steamed if necessary, frozen, packaged, and stored in a pristine and health department inspected commercial kitchen.   I am also certified by Servsafe in food safety.  During the off season (November through May), products are still available and are a blend of locally grown and organic produce purchased from sources other than local farmers.

Why Choose Boston Mountain Baby?
Aside from all the other reasons you've read so far, I am dedicated to treating your children like my own.  Its just me at Boston Mountain Baby and I am passionate about keeping things simple, safe, and of the utmost quality.  Rest assured, my family eats my food and if you are as picky as me about your children's nutrition then Boston Mountain Baby is perfect for your family!
Meet the original Boston Mountain
Babies,Caleb & Sydney.
Boston Mountain Baby owner,
sole operator and momma of
Caleb & Sydney.