Why Buy Frozen?
When I first ventured into the baby food isle, I examined labels on the baby food jars and noticed the lid had a thin layer of dust and the food did not expire for another two years!  I also observed that the vegetables had a dull, unappetizing color, much like when I accidentally overcook the stir-fry for our dinner.  You know when the broccoli becomes limp and yellowish-brown instead of a crisp and vibrant green?  Or the spinach becomes slimy and bitter or carrots cooked to a complete mush?  It dawned on me that food from a jar probably tasted just like those bland, overcooked veggies!

Jarred and canned vegetables have to be heated to such a high temperature that it loses many of the nutrients.  Also, in order to have that ultra long shelf life, preservatives (ascorbic acid, salt, etc.) are often added, as well as sugar, starch and other fillers which dilutes the nutritional value. 

The gentle steaming and quickly freezing method used by Boston Mountain Baby results in a meal where the vibrant colors, textures, taste, and nutrients are retained.  And once thawed, the food actually smells, tastes and looks like the original! Boston Mountain Baby also opens up a world of opportunity of the kinds of food you can introduce to your children.  It is near impossible to find such super foods as spinach, broccoli, and squash in pure, single ingredient form.  Conventional baby food companies tend to pair these with more grains, cheese, and other fillers than the green goodness. 

With Boston Mountain Baby, I encourage designing ‘super meals’ of your own by adding fresh parmesan to pureed spinach, mixing sweet potatoes and broccoli, and even adding an assortment of veggies to the morning oatmeal or yogurt.  You’ll discover (as I did) that the toddler that once turned his nose at a conventional jar of ‘broccoli casserole’ will soon gobble steamed broccoli and demand, ‘more brokwi pwease!’  Congratulations!  By developing his palate early you are leading him toward a life of healthy and adventurous eating.